US Project: Nikki

MEET NIKKI When I first met Nikki she was a high school student training at Northern California Dance Conservatory in Roseville, CA.  In a classroom full of faces, she was the one soaking in your every word with a look of determination and positivity. She approached her dance training by…

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Winter Wedding

Wedding shoes and dress on a ballet barre.

Winter weddings are rare. While many of us shoot for the warm (sometimes too warm) days of summer there is another option. Only days after The Nutcracker closed for the season, this BalletMet employee and her husband said their “I do’s”. In the beautiful studios at BalletMet. Carolyn and Matt…

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Wonderball at the CMA

Wonderball CMA

Looking for something to do during these cold dark days of winter?  Columbus has a vibrant events calendar to keep us busy, entertained and sane while we wait what seems like an eternity for the warmth of spring.  I know how easy it can be to hibernate in your new…

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Looking Mighty Dapper

9 month old dapper smile

From his dapper bow tie to his stunning smile this kid has it down. This little guy has more style in his little finger than I’ll ever have. Being nine months old is pretty tough, but thankfully he’s got the drooling perfected and has learned to make us all swoon…

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A Violet Inspired Christmas

Do you feel stuck decorating in red, green and gold for Christmas? Why not try something new. Violet.  It’s one of my favorite colors. Violet is found in so many natural places. It has endless amounts of beautiful variation; plums, decorative cabbages, eggplants, black berries…the list goes on and on.…

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Hamm Family in the Fall

Carolyn and her son Noah are know around the halls of BalletMet and have made their home in Bexley, OH.  When she asked me to do family photos of her and her son I was all in.  My favorite part about the whole session is at the beginning Noah was…

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Senior Portraits with Rosie

Rosie is a talented young lady who recently moved here from Alaska.  She’s in the trainee program at BalletMet and besides being a lovely dancer she’s also smart as a whip.  This girl can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute and has a bright future ahead of her.

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